PerfectScreen 2017

Safeguard Your LCD Monitor from Damage!!!

PerfectScreen is a must-have tool for everyday use.
It protects your LCD screen from degradation.


  • Contains information on more than 6000 monitors
  • Algorithm is based on nonlinear characteristics of a liquid crystal
  • Fully automatic working in a background mode
  • Ability to notify users when image persistence exceeds a limit
  • Monitoring possibility of appearance of image persistence
  • Prevention and correction of image persistence
  • Starts to remove image persistence when there is no user activity
  • Prevention and correction of stuck pixels
  • Highly optimized algorithms and low CPU usage

The Problem

When utilizing LCD monitors in applications where a fixed or semi-fixed image remains displayed on the screen for extended periods of time, users may experience a phenomenon referred to by the LCD industry as Image Persistence.

Image persistence in LCD panels is often known as «image retention», «burn-in» or «image sticking».

As an example, the following images show the persistence on Samsung S27A850D monitor after 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour of displaying the static image of checkerboard:

As you can see, the contrast of image persistence increases over time.

In either case, when the liquid crystals in the pixels and sub-pixels utilized to display the static image are polarized such that they can not return fully to their «relaxed» state upon deactivation, the result is a faint, visible, retained image on the LCD panel upon presentation of a new, different image.

Even when the LCD monitor is turned off, small electrical charges in the pixels force them to be in an «on» state for a long period of time.

Image persistence may be temporary or permanent. In most instances, this does not permanently damage the screen and can be easily reversed or prevented. Unfortunately, in some rare cases it may not be reversible.

Image persistence is not a product defect, and all LCD products are subject to image persistence. Even such high-quality products like Apple displays.

Image persistence, image retention, burn-in and image sticking are explicitly not covered under the manufacturer's warranty as these issues are risks inherent to the LCD display technology itself. Therefore, some monitor manufacturers recommend reducing static image interval to as little as 30 minutes.

The Solution

You cannot avoid image persistence because you will always have unused areas of the screen. This is a general problem for all monitors, especially widescreen ones. Here is an example of screen usage during web surfing (including watching videos on YouTube) for several hours. As you can see, continuous duration of use of screen pixels is only 54 minutes (red pixels).

The only way to prevent image persistence is to adjust your display settings so that the entire screen is used. Alternatively, use your monitor only for watching movies or 3D fullscreen games. If you are using monitor not for these purposes you need to install PerfectScreen.

Check out PerfectScreen's workflow:

Value in percent of Image Persistence.
Any work on a computer, except 3D fullscreen games.
Or use automatic shutdown mode.

Fixing Severe Image Persistence:

If you already have some form of image persistence on your LCD monitor, try to leave your computer with PerfectScreen running for 12-24 hours to reduce or remove the image persistence.

User Manual

Main Window:

What you can do with PerfectScreen:

  • Check if you already have image persistence
  • Explore the Screen

    Look at the gray background to see image persistence.

    Explore with Motion

    Watch for horizontal moving of vertical line to see nonuniformity of the screen.

    Take a Picture

    Take a picture of the monitor screen using a phone or a digital camera in a dark room.
    By using focus targets on the screen, you can properly set focus of your camera.
    In most cases, you will probably be using shutter speeds of a second or slower.
    At slower shutter speeds, you certainly need a tripod or image stabilization to produce sharp images.

    Analyze the Picture

    After the picture was taken, you should analyze it.
    Use contrast value to adjust visibility of details.

    As an example, try to analyze this picture (ISO 100, f/4.0, 5s).

  • Test if you will have image persistence
  • The values of 20, 40 and 60 are duration of test in minutes.
    You will see the test grid, which will be dynamically switching.
    The first column will be always static.
    Look away during the test so that your eyes were not tired at the end.
    After the test, screens with image persistence will show a faint impression of the grid on the gray background.

    Note: Image Persistence Detector will not work during the test.

  • Test the removal methods of image persistence
  • Overvoltage Relaxation

    Matrix Normalization

    Boundary Normalization

    When you hide controls the application will count the spent time as a successfully used for selected removal method.

  • Protection of the screen
  • Start the screen protection.

    Stop the screen protection.

  • Application settings
  • Changing the application settings.
    Note: If you are experiencing high CPU usage, you should select lower performance mode.
    E.g., if you have 4k monitor, you may select normal performance mode to avoid more CPU usage.

  • Additional help
  • Online help: this manual.
    Support request: sending requests to technical support.
    Submit a bug: sending bug reports to technical support.
    Check updates: checking if a newer version of application is available on our website.
    Purchase/Activate: purchasing and activating your license.
    About: showing window about PerfectScreen.

  • Exit from PerfectScreen
  • Stops the screen protection and the application running.

When the screen protection is active, you can click the next items:

  • Monitor's Screen
  • Shows the map of Image Persistence of the screen.

  • Screen Usage Chart
  • Shows the map of Usage Statistics of the screen pixels.

Menu in System Tray:

Right-clicking the PerfectScreen icon in system tray shows popup menu. The menu contains the following items:

  • Open
  • Opens the application's main window.

  • Show Screen
  • Same as «Explore the Screen» command from main window.

  • Show Motion
  • Same as «Explore with Motion» command from main window.

  • Image Persistence
  • Shows the map of Image Persistence of the screen.

  • Pixels Statistics
  • Shows the map of Usage Statistics of the screen pixels.

  • Shut down the Computer (*)
  • Automatic shutdown of the computer when image persistence level equals to zero.
    Click on this item next time you need to stop the shutdown mode.

    Note: This mode is used only for prevention of appearance of image persistence. For correction of image persistence, please see the text above in «Fixing Severe Image Persistence».

    (*) Only for activated license.
  • Exit
  • Stops the screen protection and the application running.

Application Screenshots


PerfectScreen 1.4.0

Windows 7(*)/8/8.1/10+

Mac OS X

(*) The application works best with Windows 8 or higher.

This is a Trial version of PerfectScreen with limited functionality.
To use a Full Version you need to buy the license and activate it.

History of changes:

Version 1.4

  • New feature - Information about image persistence on the icon in system tray.
  • New feature - Reduction of moire in Picture Analyzer.
  • Image persistence time is displayed instead of percentage.
  • Improved stability of Image Persistence Detector.

Version 1.3

  • Updated database of monitors.
  • Small bugs fixed.

Version 1.2

  • Performance improvements.

Version 1.1

  • New feature - Automatic Shutdown Mode.
  • New monitors were added.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 1.0

  • Initial version.

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